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TodaysHighTech.com sells a variety of high quality products for todays world. Our most popular items include the new and improved Electric Scooters, Electric assist bikes (some that fold and some that do not) and handheld GPS (global positioning system) units.

We ship nationwide and offer local pickup at several Southern California locations to save on the shipping charges. Sorry, checks are no longer accepted (fraud and bad checks can just ruin the whole business plan).

We welcome your questions regarding our products and we can provide quick responses to your requests by email or by phone.

Electric Scooters
Electric Bicycles
Scooter Parts and Accessories
Electric Scooters

Electric Bicycles

Scooter Parts and Accessories

A smart consumer is going to buy a quality product at a good price that will last a long time, can be repaired and has readily available parts.

We cater to smart consumers that have learned that a cheap price can lead to a waste of time and money.

We update our website on a regular basis with new or updated information. Please check back on a regular basis for the latest information. The Scooter Manual was extensively redone and is on the Home Page of TodaysHighTech.com on the left hand side (Scooter Manual button is for the e707-1 manual and is vitrtually identical to the Extreme model except for the electrical section) May 2007. Enjoy! Many have copied this design, Quazar, Extreme and Angell models 707-1 (sidemount motors are virtually identical, virtually because these are all hand made and variations do occur. At least fifteen different companies have sold or copied this design (including private labels such as "Quazar" by a national company). We carry virtually every parts variation ever made, boy we are gooood).

Look in the Accessories section for the Heavy Duty Battery Hookups, the really cool American Flag Handle Bar Thumb Bells, the Handle Bar Airplane with the huge propeller and other items. Everyone loves these items.

At a cost of about three to four cents per mile to operate TodaysHighTech.com offers numerous cost effective ways to fulfill most of those little chores that you are using that $50,000 Suburban to do like going to the post office or getting a loaf of bread and a half gallon of milk.

There is nothing else for you to do other than order a quality machine. This is not a kit. These are hand made, Quality Machines that should last a very long time with some care and maintenance. There is no conversion for you to do (unless you really want to of course), think twin engine (two 350 watt motors) 700 watts and all of the parts are interchangeable!

The twins are out of the skunk works. They are custom ordered and take about eight weeks (sometimes more as the demand is going up and up and up) to be delivered. The people that are getting them are going nuts over them. Again, all hand made and we have all of the parts to make these babies go for years! This is not a kids toy. We do not recommend them for kids or for people that weight much less than 175#. They have enough power to pull a wheelie from a standing start if you weigh under 150#. This much power is best left to the BIG boys or girls.

Plan a little, enjoy a lot from these fun to use items that should last for many years. We are here to help you achieve these goals.

Bank the savings and retire a little earlier. Save the Suburban for going to Disneyland with the kids. If you can dig a little deeper into your pocket book, get the Wuxi Angell with the higher rated battery for increased range and endurance, you'll be happier! Using a 175# person the standard Sport can expect about eight miles, the Angell 12 miles and the Twin about 6 miles (flat hard surfaced roadway, tires at 50PSI). If you have seen ads from other vendors that say their scooter will go 24 miles on one charge and you believe them, please call me about some swamp land that Katrina exposed for your retirement home, cheap.

An often asked question is how far can I go and for how long. For the Wikipedia explanation of Ohm's Law and the calculations to explain electrical voltage and current go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohm%27s_law. This will go a long way to explaining how power is calculated and what it means. There are several battery companies that have spent years and many of millions of dollars to get us to todays batteries. Look on the web sites for Power Sonic, Concorde and Gill. Lots of graphs, detailed analysis and explanations. You will not have to join a dating service after all. Just find a mate that enjoys those sites and enjoy years of sparks. Oh, the joy!

With the money you save trying to understand all of that you will have enough cash and interest to pony up for the Deluxe Angell Scooter. Hand made, tubular steel and aluminum with quality replaceable components. It just does not get better than this for top quality and great service.

With this much new understanding you will get the idea why little Johhny at 85 pounds soaking wet will go a lot further than dear ole Dad at 210 pounds.

Electrical Engineering 101

1. There are only so many watts in that battery.

2. Those watts can only come out so fast.

3. The more weight the scooter has to push, the less distance and speed you'll be able to attain. (PROOF - Push the Suburban by hand on a flat street with only your better half behind the wheel. Repeat with the entire volleyball team safely in their seats. Which went further?)

4. The less air in the tires is directly proportional to the reduction in distance and speed you will travel. (PROOF - Do the test above with rated air in the tires. Repeat with 10 psi less for each pass until the tires are almost flat. When was the rolling resistance the least?)

5. A hill will use all those little watts very, very rapidly. (PROOF - Do the test in either item #3 or #4 above and add going up the driveway. How do you think the scooter feels now?)

6. The battery needs to be charged to begin with. (PROOF - You are not going very far on an empty tank.)

Now that you have finished the basic course, contact JPL or Cal Tech on the west coast or MIT on the east coast for the advanced courses leading to 'Rocket Scientist' (been there, done that).

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